“The Damp, Rainy Weather Seems To Make My Neck Pain Worse.”

This is a very common complaint, and it is very true. The dampness often cuts right into the neck irritating our spine. The change in pressure outside often creates increased gravitational pressure on our bodies. Even though it’s a tiny amount, to an already disrupted or arthritic spine that pressure change makes a difference. It’s like someone pushing down on you from the top of your head, you can imagine the increased pressure put on the spine, especially the neck.

The change in pressure also causes a disequilibrium which may cause swelling in some joints. That rise of inflammation puts more pressure on nerves that cause pain. It is also thought that the change in pressure and or equilibrium may get some nerve endings "stirred-up", hence, creating irritation and pain.

One each side of the spine you have foramen (or holes where the nerves come out). The discs between each vertebrae act as a spacer to keep these holes wide open. Extra pressure on the spine and increased inflammation can close these holes slightly creating pressure and therefore pain.

So what can be done? The best thing to slow degeneration in the neck (cervical degeneration) is to improve alignment. Perfect alignment of the neck means the nerves flow without pressure. When everything is in alignment, your spine handles the forces of gravity the best also. A good start to improve alignment is a cervical support pillow.

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