Two Common Postural Misalignments Created by Forward Head Posture

One misalignment in one area of the spine can quickly lead to more postural misalignments throughout the spine. Your body will try to compensate for one misalignment with another. Find out how to stop this pattern from developing by keeping posture maintained during your daily life.

What happens when your head juts out forward? Well, your body always tries to keep your eyes even with the horizon. This typically can cause one of two things to happen.

#1- Your head protrudes forward then into slight extension. The neck shifts forward, but the head tilts upward. The body does this to keep those eyes even with the horizon.

#2- Your back extends. As you can imagine, tilting the lower back backwards also raises up the eyes. We typically call this a “sway-back.”

Your body can have a number of postural misalignment patterns because that whole spine works together. So, if one particular section goes out of position, the body will try to correct things by doing what it has to. The good news is that if we correct one area of the spine, it can help the rest. Start by correcting your neck posture by using the arc4life neck pillow.

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