“Great, I’m on Vacation and my Neck Pain is Acting Up!”

You don’t want this to happen to you. I can tell you from experience however that this happens all too often. You may not be on vacation, but traveling away from home for work. The bottom line is you are away from home with a different pillow, bed, and surroundings than what you’re used to.

Two things I recommend when you travel are a travel pillow and the Trac-Collar. Actually, three things because there are two kinds of neck travel pillows. One is a U-shaped pillow. These are great in a car or on a plane to keep your neck in good position. The other is a travel pillow that’s simply the smaller version of a standard sized pillow. This helps because it keeps the neck in alignment when you sleep. The Trac-Collar helps relieve immediate pain by stretching the spine out, opening up the nerve holes, and relaxing the spine. It’s super light and even has a small travel case. Literally buckle it around the neck and pump it up.

These are just a few things that I highly recommend for traveling neck pain sufferers. There are many other things also, like Biofreeze, Formula 303, hot packs, other spinal supports, you name it. These are the 3 most common that have been a big success to avoid neck pain while traveling.

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