“My Arms keep Falling Asleep when I’m in Bed”

Pillows age over time, just like anything. This can mean that the pillow that once helped you get a great night’s sleep may be the reason you are now waking up at night. Find out what to look for in a pillow and when to know that it’s time to find a new support pillow to get a better night’s sleep.

  I have found this often happens when the pillow this individual uses has either lost its support or did not have any support to begin with. 

            One of my patients had mentioned this happening when he was using a feather pillow.  He would wake up because his arms would go tingly, then he’d squish more pillow under his neck, fall back to sleep, only to have it happen again during the night.  Talk about ruining your night of sleep. 

            I recommended our Cervical Traction Pillow, which holds the neck support and is very comfortable at the same time.  He hasn’t had this issue since!

This is exactly what you need in a neck pillow: something that’s comfortable yet will hold your neck alignment in place. Every time, any pillow will lose some support. 

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