Do you Watch TV in Bed? You could be doing Damage to Your Neck

Do You have a TV in the Bedroom?
We recently bought a TV for our bedroom. Its Great ! Its seems that the days go by so fast that I cannot even keep up with the tv shows I watch. Now with the bedroom tv I can get into bed and watch. I can even set up a sleep timer.

Here's the problem...

If i lay in bed to see the TV, i have my head in extreme flexion (chin bent down to the chest). I sleep on my pillow, but to see the TV, i have to use two pillows or lean my pillow against the head board.

There is a another way...

The best thing to do is use the bed wedge. So you actually sit up watching TV. To watch TV and catch a few shows is not worth doing permanent damage to your neck.

The bed wedge allows you to comfortably sit up and watch your programs. Its a great pillow for reading in bed also. Many even lie it down to  use for to elevating the back knee when lying on your back.

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