How Do We Know We Got A Good Night's Sleep?

Here are some tell tale signs if you didn't catch the right amount of Zzz's the night before. Just feeling tired in the morning may not be the only one, but here's the list of how you know you are not getting the proper amount of sleep!
  1. You don't "feel" awake and ready-to-go after the morning shower. I say after the morning shower because it does take a few moments to wake up fully. Some of us are used our morning shower or coffee that its often hard to get right into our sneakers and go for a run.
  2. You feel like you are dozing during the day. Even though your project at work may not be the most exciting thing happening on the planet; you shouldn't be itching to put your head down and close your eyes.
  3. You are getting short (moody or irritated with others very easily) When you are tired sometimes you just cannot hold back like normal.
  4. You are making mistakes. Its one thing that you are working on a spreadsheet on your computer but quite another if you are in the car on a busy highway. Studies show that most auto accidents actually occur due to fatigue.

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