Carpal Tunnel Pain Helped with Natural Pain Relief Gel, Study Shows

A recent study showed that biofreeze natural pain relief gel decreased chronic pain and symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by as much as 31%. The study conducted in Copenhagen Denmark studied the effects of a placebo cream vs biofreeze on workers in a slaughterhouse.

The Median nerve in the wrist contributes to carpal tunnel syndrome often. When the nerve becomes entrapped due to inflammation of the wrist tissues, a person can have resulting wrist and hand pain. Often people get this type of wrist pain with repetive movement or overusing their wrist.

One of the main ingredients in Biofreeze is menthol. It has helped patients also with arthritis in the knee, neck pain, and lower back pain. Mechanism is through cold therapy where the menthol activates cold receptors to decrease pain.

Source: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relieved by Topical Analgesic

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