The Importance of using a Good Neck Pillow for Sleeping to Prevent Stiff Neck

Sleeping on your Back with the Cervical Traction Neck PillowWaking up with a stiff neck is not fun at all. It can only ruin a great day, but it can affect all the activities you planned for that day. One way to make sure you are getting the best nights sleep is to use a good cervical orthopedic neck support pillow. It can make a big difference and make sure that your neck is positioned correctly. Basically you want a neck pillow that will conform to the cervical spine shape: A C curve. This is the best sleeping position for your neck. The cervical traction neck pillow is an example of a great neck pillow for sleeping. It has two distinct sides to the pillow:

  • Support Side of the pillow- support for the cervical spine and support for the neck muscles
  • Traction Side of the pillow- this will give you a gentle stretch in your neck while you are sleeping. This is particularly good if you have arthritis of the neck, a disc herniation or bulge, or even stiffness of the neck muscles

With an effective neck pillow, you can experience a deep sound sleep because your body is able to relax. Muscle spasms are decreased because pressure is relieved when your head and neck are supported correctly. Blood flows better through relaxed muscles, thus enhancing circulation. A good neck pillow can even reduce snoring and allowing for easier breathing while sleeping because you air passages are unrestricted.

Enough cannot be said about using the right and correct neck pillow for sleeping at night. Check out Arc4life's Neck Pillow Reviews to help you choose the best neck pillow for sleeping.

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