Help Me! My husband Snores and I Cannot Sleep!!!

Prevent Snoring by Using the Right Neck Pillow More people than you think snore. If you are a spouse or loved one of a "snorer" you know all to well how annoying it can be. More importantly is that for the person snoring is it not healthy. It is a sign they are not breathing properly. It may also be a sign of an underlying medical condition.

In the vast majority of snorers it’s an obstruction of airway. Breathing is extremely important because getting fresh air through your system is very valuable in your body functions and processes. Almost every reaction in your body uses oxygen. Fresh oxygen also helps detoxify your body. We know without air we cannot survive !

Whether you notice it or not snoring will also prevent you and who ever can hear you for a good nights sleep. The body performs many healing functions when you sleep and without a good amount of rest your body and mind will not work at its best. Just think of how you feel the next day if you didn’t sleep much the night before.

The Cervical Traction Neck Pillow puts your neck in its optimal position. This not only reduces pressure or nerves in your neck but allows for all your nasal passages to stay in an open clear position. The Cervical Traction Neck Pillow Will Keep Your Head and Neck in the Proper Position While Sleeping

Clearly keeping all your nasal passage ways allows for air to move in and out freely reducing and preventing snoring. Something that many people overlook however is that keeping pressure of nerves communication to your sinuses and air passageways also plays a vital role.

Every aspect of our body and its functions are controlled by our nervous system. If we keep pressure and unwanted stress off of the nerves communication to our sinuses and nasal passageways we ensure that all is functioning 100%. Remember, any pressure on our nerves means that the part of the body those nerves innervate is not functioning at its best.

The right neck pillow puts your neck spine in its proper position. It helps keep the neck spine free and clear of any nerve pressure. This is often why the breathing strips placed over the nose sometimes do not work. The really only help open one air passage but don’t do anything for the nerves. The cervical traction neck pillow helps with both.

Some other things that may be contributing to the snoring is poor air quality. In the winter time when the air is oten more dry an the furnace is always running you may notice the snoring problem more. Allergens in the air can also contribute to the problem.

The Cervical Traction neck pillow is made with special hypoallergenic fibers and also is available with a dust protector cover to protect it from the outside dust and allergens in the air. This can be very helpful to individuals with dust allergies that can be contributing to the problem.

Also I recommend changing your air filters frequently and often cleaning your air ducts periodically to reduce dust and allergies in your homes air supply. Sometimes a humidifier in the bedroom may help put a little moisture in the air. So start in the path to getting rid of your snoring habit by choosing the rght neck pillow. Not only will it make your loved ones happier but it will improve your health.

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