How To Check Your Own Neck Posture

From the front your posture should be straight up and down- to see this in the mirror your shoulders and the tops of your hips should be even. You can look at points in your mid-body also to see if there are any shifts in your spine. For example, your shoulders may look even but when you try to line up the point midline to your eyes to your to the middle of your chin to your Adam’s apple things don’t line up.

Looking at your whole body, a straight line should be able to be drawn from the point between your eyes to your Adam’s apple, to your groin (the point of the “V” where your legs meet, to a point midline between your ankle bones).

Looking at your posture from the side, the ear should line up with the shoulder, and further down to the hip, and to the ankle bone.

The most common postural shifts we see are a forward head- the ear will be much more forward than the shoulder. Keep in mind a lot of us also have shoulders that roll forward, so picture them where they should be.

Other variables that may throw off your analysis besides forward shoulders, might be a crooked nose, ears that are different, or a jaw that is shifted. Keep this in mind when you are viewing your neck posture.

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