I Thought I Can Only Get Whiplash From A Car Accident

Technically whiplash is any rapid back and forth or side to side motion of the body. We most specifically use the term to refer to the neck going forward and back. It’s most often used when someone is in a car accident that involves a collision and the head and neck jerks forward and back, causing muscle, tendon, and ligament strain, vertebral shifts, and sometimes worse.

But in actuality anything that can cause your neck to “whip” back and forth is whiplash. A fall on your back, a roller coaster, a collision of your body with another, like in contact sports, are just a few examples.

Whiplash is one very common way to lose your neck curvature. If you were told you’ve lost your neck curve due to a whiplash injury or trauma, it can be from something like the examples I have given. A lot of times it happens even when we were kids. The spine shift never corrects and causes neck pain, headaches, or upper back pain in the future.

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