“My Neck Pain just Keeps Coming Back!"

"Thank Goodness the Pillow Keeps me Pain-Free when I Sleep!”

This can sometimes be the case. Why, you might ask? A couple of reasons: The main one we find is that there is something during the day that is re-triggering the neck discomfort.

For example, I once saw a patient who always watched his television at a 45 degree angle. The couch, actually his recliner I believe, faced 45 degrees from the TV. Basically, when he sat down he always looked 45 degrees to the left. This might not always be a big deal, but if you do this for 2 hours every night after dinner, maybe even conking out there for a bit with your head wrenched to the side, it may become an issue.

He literally re-arranged some furniture and shazzam: his pain stayed away. The pillow was actually improving his neck posture and neck alignment, but he was inadvertently shifting it back out of alignment with his TV watching. Come to find out it wasn’t just after dinner, but a little each morning and sometimes when he came home from work at lunch.

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