“My Neck Problem Keeps Coming Back …”

When you are experiencing neck pain, it’s all you can think about. However, when that neck pain subsides, it can be difficult to continue to be conscious of your posture, to be careful how you turn your neck, which position you sleep in, etc. This is how pain will return, but there are things to do to keep your neck in good alignment and pain away.

It’s time to finally get the traction pillow. The reason issues are returning is that pressure is easily returning to nerves. What the traction pillow does is put your neck back into alignment, which reduces tension on cervical nerves as well as the spinal cord. The light, gentle stretch helps open up the neural foramen giving the nerves more room. Putting this motion back into the spine also helps allow inflammation to dissipate.

Once we do this, communication to the muscles and ligaments is restored and not only will neck range of motion improve, but so will pain. One needs to restore neck alignment to a certain degree to get rid of chronic or returning pain. You may even use the cervical traction pillow already, get neck pain relief, and then put it away. The best way to restore neck alignment, and maintain that posture, is to still use your traction pillow often. Also, combining the use of the pillow with heavier traction periodically as well as neck exercises will make the postural change happen faster and last longer.

Aligning and stretching the spine can also help the discs in the neck fall back into place. Injured cervical discs can often be a culprit of chronic or returning pain. Putting the neck in its ideal position not only helps the discs to fall back into place but to stay there as well.

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