Are You Straining Your Neck By Accident?

Exercise for your Health, But do it safely
don't injure your neck muscles in the process
We talked over the years about many ways you can strain your neck. Using that notebook on your lap, texting all the time, etc... Today I want to focus on the exercise you do, "for your health".

The first exercise is abdominals. Doing abs is great, and important. What isn't good, is pulling on the head and neck when doing sit-ups or crunches.

Next, are exercise where you push and pull behind the head. These kinds of exercises (pull downs, pull ups,...) Push the neck and head forward. Not only can one more easily strain the neck, it forces you into a poor posture.

Last, is just using too much weight. Trying to lift too much forces you to strain your neck muscles as well as work the muscles you are focused on.

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