One Simple Way to Appear Taller and Slimmer

Simply, Don't Slouch.

You can appear taller and slimmer quite easily actually. Don't slouch when you are walking, when you are sitting, or even when you are using your computer or watching TV. Bad posture can lead to hunchback posture. It can look unslightly, and it can cause health problems such as:
  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • slipped discs
  • degeneration in the spine
  • circulation problems

When you have good posture, you will feel it too. You will exude more confidence, and most importantly you will breathe better. Change up your computer station and how you sleep to help with your posture if you have to. If you need to leave a note for yourself on your mirror, do it. When your mother and father tell you to sit up or stand tall, listen.

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