"This Headache Is Terrible..."

Do You have a Bad Headache that Just Won't Go Away?
Do you Have a Headache That Just Won't Go Away?
You've got a bad headache and it just won't go away! Did you know that over 90% of headaches come from the neck? Yes, that's right! So that poor neck posture might be catching up with you. So it makes complete sense to correct your posture; especially in your neck.

One of the most common postural MISalignments is forward head, and with that often comes a loss of the cervical curve. So what can we doe to fix it? We can do chiropractic adjustments, we can do neck exercises, we can do neck traction, and we can use a neck pillow. A great thing with using a neck pillow (pillow has a roll in it for the neck curve), is that this one's done while you sleep!

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