End Your Neck Pain and Improve your Health with True Neck Traction

First, to completely understand neck tractioning you must be aware that there are two types of neck traction. One that simply stretches your neck out and two, one that stretches your neck but also helps restore the proper neck curvature at the same time. The latter is what I call "true" neck traction.

It is the second type, true neck traction, we will want to focus on and use. Why you may ask? Simply stretching the neck can be helpful because you relieve nerve pressure temporarily. However, when stretching is completed gravity takes over - and neck and nerve pressure returns and often times your pain returns.

Neck traction that works to restore the natural curve of the spine ( your body's optimal alignment ) keeps pressure off the nerves continually allowing one to be pain free and function 100%.

You see, health is defined as 100% function of your nervous system. It is this system-your brain, spinal cord and all the nerves that gives us the ability to work, eat, sleep, play; everything ! When we put unwanted pressure or stress on any of the nerves it will inhibit our ability to function and therefore our health.

Pain or some other symptom like headaches, tingling in the arms or hands, muscle weakness or soreness are simply warning signs saying that something is wrong.

Studies have shown we should have 40-60 degrees neck spine curvature for our spinal cord and neck nerves to function best. By just stretching our neck vertically we may take some pressure off some nerves but we aren't going to help re align the neck to that optimum curve or alignment.

By doing neck traction where we add in the elements of putting the curvature in the neck while stretching it we can restore neck alignment therefore improving our overall health and keeping us pain free.

Arc4life's Pronex Cervical Traction unit for neck pain relief
True neck traction can be acheived with traction units such as the Posture Pump 1000 or the Pronex Pneumatic Cervical Traction Unit.

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