Help, I woke up with a Stiff neck ! How do I get rid of it?

Help me i have a bad stiff neck ! how do i get rid of it???? please help!!!!
Imagine, you wake up one morning, and you have stiffness in your neck and you cannot move your head. stiff neck

You probably slept uncomfortably in an awkward position. A stiff neck often results when you have slept incorrectly, thereby straining the muscles of the neck. It can also result after being on the telephone for too long, or for driving long periods. You want to first of all deal with this stiff neck. Take a warm/hot shower and slowly flex your head forward and backward as far as you can without pain. Also laterally bend and turn your head side to side. Use a natural pain relieving gel like Biofreeze. To properly use this read this Neck Pain Support Blog Post on how to decrease muscle spasm using biofreeze. Also, get used to doing some sort of neck stretches every morning to prevent a stiff neck in the first place. Read our Neck Pain Support Blog for Fast and Easy Stretches for the Cervical Spine. Finally, you need to have a good cervical support neck pillow while you sleep: Try the Cervical Traction neck pillow. It is the best neck pillow for sleeping and preventing a stiff neck. This neck pillow will keep your neck in the proper position while sleeping.

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