Large Handbags- A Pain in the Neck

Today's Blog comes courtesty of another health blog: Healthy LifeStyle by Borzack. Large Handbags, although Desirable, can be a pain in the neck

One of the biggest fashion trends this season is to be seen toting a huge handbag. Jumbo sized bags are the rage and all leading designers have come up with exquisite pieces that may just be a strain on the pocket, and elsewhere.

Hefty bags can cause back pain, shoulder and neck pain, headaches and even arthritis, warns Dr Jane Sadler of Baylor Medical Centre in Garland, Texas.

“I see so many women with neck pain and headaches, and what I usually do is look for their bags and pick them up,” says Sadler. “Their bags generally weigh anywhere from 7 to 10 pounds!”

Such extra large bags mean that women are carrying more items and this can cause an imbalance when walking or standing, another case of poor posture and ergonomics.

“If you can think about how you carry a bag, it’s usually on one side and you kind of pull your neck to one side and lift your shoulder. It’s a very unnatural position,” says Sadler.

The extra weight creates a strain on the neck muscles and the nerves. Being fashionable has its price, but it should only be for the exorbitant purchase of the items rather than a hefty doctor’s bill for pain treatment.

What Is Too Heavy?

Sadler says if you are carrying a mobile phone, makeup and wallet in your bag, it’s already too much. A quick peek into a woman’s bag reveals all of the offending items, including a book, a bottle of water, an organiser, a digital camera, a mobile phone, a laptop and unidentified pieces of paper!

Sadler says if your bag is uncomfortable when you sling it on and you can feel the weight pulling your shoulder, it’s good time to downsize.

“We’re really going to see women with more and more problems later on if we continue the big bag craze.”

Suggested ways of shedding your bag’s weight is to be more organized, downsize your wallet and carry only essentials. That means leaving large makeup kits at home and carrying your mobile phone on a belt clip.

Source: Healthy LifeStyle Blog
Picture Source: Couturier.Tiffany

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