The Top 10 Reasons Why you need to have a good cervical support pillow

Sleep is very important and for good sleep you need a good cervical support pillow. I am not talking about the flat standard pillow you sleep on everyday. Today I want to discuss 10 reasons why you need to have a good neck pillow when sleeping:

  1. For proper support of the head and neck while you sleep
  2. Wake up pain free, because your head and neck are not in a uncomfortable awkward position
  3. Breathe properly while you are sleeping
  4. Maintain the proper cervical curvature while sleeping ( on your side or on your back)
  5. For a sound sleep at night, allowing your body to get the proper rest that it needs after a stressful day
  6. Prevents headaches and stiff neck
  7. Improves circulation by decreasing pressure points in the lower neck area
  8. Maintains flexibility in the neck with good range of motion when you wake up
  9. Allows you to get into a deep sleep that includes REM Sleep- so that your body can heal properly
  10. Maintains good posture while you are sleeping for your head, neck and upper back area
The Top 10 Reasons why you need a good Cervical Support Neck Pillow for sleeping

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