Pain in the neck causes Andy Roddick to sit game out

CINCINNATI (Reuters) - Andy Roddick's, master tennis player had to call it quits at the Cincinnati Masters because of neck pain on Tuesday.Tennis Player Andy Roddick: Out with neck pain

Said Roddick "I fell asleep last night and woke up with the lights still on,"

"I kind of passed out and I'm guessing I was in the wrong position."

"I woke up this morning with something in my neck and shoulder and any kind of activity is causing it to flare up. It's kind of a helpless feeling."

Even great athletes like Andy Roddick have neck pain flare up's every once in a while (even with the best trainers, chiropractors, and massage therapists at their fingertips !). So lets give Andy a little advice about how to deal with his neck pain.

It appears Mr.Roddick has a gentle muscle sprain/strain- pain in the neck plus decrease in range of motion in all motions. Sleeping in an incorrect position puts great stress on your neck muscles, upper shoulders, and face. The neck needs to be in a proper position when sleeping- on your back or on your side. Sleeping on one's stomach is not the best idea- this can crank your neck into a very uncomfortable position causing neck pain and muscle spasm.

Here are some simple tips to combat this neck pain: Try to take a hot shower and do some gentle stretches with your neck specifically: forward flexion (bringing your chin to your chest), bending your head to each sideNeck Exercises provide gradual neck pain relief
, and extending your head back. You do not want to do any of these to the point of pain- only to the point of feeling a stretch. Also, try to use biofreeze natural pain relieving gel for the muscle spasms in your neck.

Finally, get a good cervical support neck pillow for sleeping so that you can sleep with your head and neck properly supported- try a traction pillow. Try neck exercises that include neck stretching and neck strengthening. A proper cervical support pillow for your neck- it can make a big difference.

The wonderful news is that Mr.Roddick will bounce back with full recovery- and continue to be an unbelievable tennis player that is already is !

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