How Can I Improve My Sleep Posture?

The biggest variables when you sleep are your pillow, your mattress, and your sleep position.

In regards to your pillow, a good neck pillow is best because a neck pillow will help to improve your neck posture. It will also keep your spine in good position when on your back or side. Your pillow should not be too high or too low, too hard or too soft, or it will force you to put your spine in an awkward position.

Your mattress also plays an important role. I mostly find that people often sleep on something too soft. This allows your body to sink into it, which in turn changes your spinal alignment. It often can become more difficult to move as well. It is normal to move around when sleeping and, in fact, it’s a good thing.
Nowadays, alot of mattress companies give you a garauntee, so if you don't end up loving your mattress you can have it sent back.  Arc4life's pillows all have a 30 day garauntee as well.

Lastly, your sleep position is important as well. Side or back sleeping is best. Sleeping on your stomach is detrimental because you have to crank your head to either side just to breathe. But make sure you don't use too much or too many pillows or it will push your head forward while on your back or it will push it into your shoulder when on your side.  Doing this each night is how poor sleep posture leads to bad spinal alignment and nerve pressure.

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