Poor Neck Posture can Run in the Family …

Spinal alignment can run in your family. If your parents have poor neck posture, you may have a genetic predisposition for that same poor posture.

Remember, posture is directly related to your spinal alignment. If someone presents with forward head posture, their neck spine has often lost some of its normal curvature and shifted forward. This, of course, will put pressure on nerves in the neck, causing neck and muscle pain.

I often see family members who exhibit family postural traits almost exactly. Someone will tell me that their mother often suffers from severe neck discomfort just like they do. And sure enough, they both have the same forward head or low right shoulder and neck shift, etc …

The lesson here: your posture is important and if corrected may fix your neck problems and other neck-related symptoms, like headaches or arm and hand pain and tingling. Your genes are essentially a path laid out for you, but you don’t always have to take that exact path. Your genes are constantly changing, so doing the right things can help create a healthier, pain-free you!

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