Continuous Pressure On Cervical Nerves Can Lead To Nerve Damage

As you can imagine, if you continue to put pressure on a nerve that nerve can die off. Like a plant, if you continue to pull its roots, or forget to supply it with light or water, it starts to shrink and shrivel up.

The nerves are similar, if we allow the life force to be cut off then eventually it will atrophy. Of course, at this point, pain may become more permanent and other symptoms may start to arise.

The symptoms associated with nerve pressure include pain, tingling and numbness, and weakness.

If spinal alignment is restored and pressure is relieved from the nerves, we can prevent much deterioration from setting in and the body can heal. If left alone, or if medications are simply used to cover up the pain response, symptoms can become permanent.

Remember that posture is a window into your spine; maintaining proper neck posture will ensure your cervical nerves are not compromised.  Correct and maintaining your posture is easy and can be done while you sleep will the cervical linear traction neck pillow.

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