How Does An Exercise Ball Help To Strengthen My Core Back Muscles?

Using things like an exercise ball or a wobble board are great tools to help build and strengthen core stabilizer muscles.

If you have used an exercise ball to do reps of crunches you know that not only will you have to sue your abdominals, but you also have to balance yourself or you’ll fall over.

All of the little muscles you have to use to do their part to keep your core stable and build up proprioception. Try standing on one leg for a period of time. You may utilize leg muscles, but you’ll also recruit muscles of the spine and stimulate proprioceptors to help you balance.

Proprioception is your body’s ability to determine where it is in space. I call the proprioceptive muscles all the smaller ones we don’t always think about when going to the gym.

We need these muscles to stabilize our body when we do anything from running to squats to even bench presses. Building and strengthening these muscles is very important when strengthening your core. Exercise balls and wobble boards can be great tools you can use at home to rehabilitate your back.

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