What is the importance of traction?

Simply, To correct the alignment of the spine. Our spines are ergonomically built to withstand the forces of gravity. When looking at an individual from the front or back the spine is straight up and down. From the side however we have distinct curvatures that are there for a reason – so our spinal cord is relaxed with no tension and our nerve roots coming off the spinal cord have no pressure and interference. Our spine is at it’s strongest position with this alignment as well. And don’t forget, why is it important we are in optimal alignment? Not only because it is the most beneficial for strength of our spine but because it is the healthiest position as well. This is important for the cervical (neck) spine as well as for the lumbar (low back) spine. Putting any pressure on nerves will decrease the bodies ability to perform at it’s maximum. Any pressure on nerves decreases your health.

The best way to examine if your spine is in proper alignment is through x-ray but looking at one’s posture can often be a dead give away of poor spinal alignment and positioning.

There are also very common misalignments and postural patterns that are seen in a large segment of the population as well as people with certain occupations as well as spinal malalignments that run in families.

Arc4life is proud to offer traction systems and products for pain relief for the Cervical Spine, as well as for the Lumbar spine.

Neck Traction Systems offered:

Pronex Pneumatic Neck Cervical Traction Unit
Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1000

More about the difference between these two neck traction systems later...

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