The Difference Between a Travel Pillow and a Neck Pillow

Often people call a travel pillow by the name neck pillow, however it’s not correct. A neck pillow is a pillow for sleeping that helps relieve pain and improve spinal posture by having a built-in neck roll that supports your neck. They are often called support pillows or orthopedic pillows. They help maintain the correct curvature in your spine on your back and keep the spine in alignment when on your side.

A travel pillow is a U-shaped pillow that you can use for neck support when on a plane, traveling by bus, or a car. You can call it a travel neck pillow, but calling a travel pillow a neck pillow or calling a neck pillow a travel pillow is not technically correct.

So to make sure you don’t make a mistake when trying to find, order, or recommend one of these, you now will know what a true neck pillow is versus a travel pillow.

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