The Multi-Functional Bed Wedge Positioning Cushion

The Bed Wedge is often called the reading pillow or husband pillow. This pillow is a nice product to have. My spouse and I often read for a few minutes in bed at night and I always use my wedge. Basically you stand it up and put it against the wall or headboard. I used to lay on my back and hold a book up but my arms were tired in a matter of minutes. Then you end up putting it on your stomach or knees with your head in extreme flexion. Shortly after, that becomes uncomfortable, so you lay on your side with your head cocked to the side. That is also short lived so you roll on your stomach with your forearms under your chin or upper body…And you guessed it, that doesn’t last long either. Now you are wide awake and have lost your page multiple times.

Then I discovered a simple cure – the Bed Wedge. Not only is it a must for others who like to read in bed like myself, I has a couple other great uses too. Lay it down so the angle isn’t steep but long and it will help you stay propped up. This is especially helpful in acid refux disorders or if you have a hiatal hernia. I have also had patients who suffer with dizziness use the bed wedge to stay more upright while sleeping. You can buy a craft-matic mattress (one that has a remote to elevate it) and spend thousands, or just use the bed wedge pillow.

Yet another great use is as a knee elevator. Place it under the knees for releasing tension in the low back. Flexion in the legs keep the hamstring, gluteus muscles, and lower back muscles relaxed, which is why so many people like this. The triangular shape allows your legs to rest comfortable instead of fighting to get a regular pillow in the right spot.

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