What Is Cervical Radiculopathy And How Can My Pillow Help?

Radiculopathy refers to pressure on a nerve root causing decreased function of that nerve root and its associated communication pathway. Individuals with cervical radiculopathy may present with pain, numbness, or weakness in the arm or hand.

Whether the cause of the nerve pressure is due to a disc injury, spinal degeneration, muscle strain and inflammation, or a subluxation of a neck vertebrae, a neck pillow can help.

Putting the neck back into adequate alignment will allow for the body to function normally. Normal, healthy alignment is designed in such a way that the nerve roots exit off of the spinal cord out of the spine with no pressure. When a segment of the spine or a disc between the bones of the spine is altered or slides out of position, it allows for possible pressure to our nerves.

Our cervical support pillows will help correct misalignments. Putting the spine back in place allows the discs to be held in better position as well.

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