Yoga can Help you Sleep Better

There may be many causes for someone’s lack of sleep. One major issue can be stress and yoga can help relax you. Here are some yoga poses I feel can help someone calm their nerves and get more relaxing, better sleep:
  • Forward Bends- standing and seated: Sit or stand and extend arms and head down toward floor.
  • Child’s Pose: Similar to a cat stretch with your forehead touching the floor or surface you are on.
  • Nighttime Goddess Stretch: Lying supine with your arms and legs out. Legs in a diamond shape; bottoms of feet together.
  • Inverted Poses: Lie supine with buttocks close to wall and your legs raised up against the wall.
It is suggested that those poses can be the most helpful for sleep, but really any short yoga routine before bed may help substantially. Focus on deep, slow breathing and don’t try to force any poses or uncomfortable positions.

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