My Hands go “Tingly” when I Sleep

Most often what we see is that this person’s pillow has lost its support. Now, if the hands are going numb and tingling all day, it’s a different story, but in this case the individual only gets the tingling when she is sleeping.

If the pillow has lost support or just doesn’t have the support to begin with, then it will allow your spinal curve to flatten.

We all have or should have a nice C-curve in the neck. If our pillow has no support or has lost its support it flattens and your neck will go flat too. When this happens or when you lost the normal neck alignment in any way you will put pressure on nerves. Nerves also communicate to blood vessels, so for these reasons the hands or arms will get that sleepy or tingly sensation.

Really, this is a major reason for using a neck pillow. Neck pillows are made with extra support in a neck roll to hold the right neck posture. This keeps the spine in place and nerve communication intact.

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