A great pillow for neck support AND travel

Everyday we have satisfied customers to really enjoy our pillows and pain relief products. When someone does find the right pillow specifically, the next question is "I need a pillow for travel, what do you have?" Unfortunately, your choices are limited when it comes to travel pillows. Yes you can get the U Shaped kind, but i am talking about one that you can sleep with. Not the too soft or too hard pillows you will find your hotel.

I do remember a while back, the Ritz Carlton called and requested 12 of our cervical traction neck pillows. One of their guests must have special requested this pillow before they arrived. I chuckled to myself as I filled this particular order.

Other customers who have second homes have us simply ship their favorite pillow to their house- with special instructions to make sure it arrives safely. We have been shipping pillows since 2003, so we do have many repeat customers. Once people get used to sleeping on a special pillow, they want to make sure they continue to sleep soundly.

But when it comes to getting a pillow that you can travel with, I would recommend the arc4life linear gravity pillow, the small size. The dimensions of this pillow are 23"x17". It has two neck rolls on it (one firm, one soft), that will ensure proper alignment of the neck. Yes, it does fit into a small suit case. If you have one of those vacuum sealers, it will work for this pillow too.

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