Inflammation - A BIG Culprit when it comes to PAIN !

There are a few things that we are confronted with daily that increase inflammation. Those things include sugars, poor oils (aka processed foods), stress, drinking and smoking in access, and lack of exercise.

Here are some things that are good for you and reduce inflammation.

First always try to think fresh fruits and vegetables. When you are able to, try to choose certain produce that is organic. Also, grass fed meats plus poultry should also be chosen.

Some other things I really like are turmeric, coffee, ginger and garlic. The anti oxidants and other healthy positives cannot be ignored.

Inflammation is typically the reason most people have pain. The reason is for this inflammation puts pressure on your nerves. We often think bones get misaligned and put pressure on terms. Bones get restricted or stuck. Because things are stuck and don't move that allows inflammation to build. Whereas we have proper movement, inflammation will dissipate and escape the body.

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