I Have A Cervical Kyphosis, Can I Use A Neck Pillow?

here is what a kyphosis in the neck curve looks like
If you have a Kyphosis in the neck curve, you should be using a neck pillow. Here's the reason: Having a kyphosis in the neck means you not only lost the proper curvature but it has actually started to curve the opposite way. This reversed curvature can be only really at on spinal level or it can be a number of segments.

With a neck pillow you start to work in the normal neck curve. Someone with a severe misalignment like this may having to use a neck pillow very gradually. Sometimes such a drastic difference (no spinal curve to a normal one) can cause some soreness. Sometimes if someone comes into the office with headaches and they are recommended the pillow, sleeping on it all night their first night with it may bring on soreness but a headache.

So, read the instructions that came with your pillow. Use it gradually so your body has a chance to get used to it, and if you have a severe misalignment like a cervical kyphosis make sure you do this. The same thing will apply to someone with severe symptoms. These may include headaches, excruciating pain, and even vertigo.

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