Your Mind Plays A Bigger Role In Your Health Than You Think...

You have to master your emotions before you master your health.  I was reminded of this today when I was reading a story of a young man who was involved in a horrific car motorcycle accident.  Not only did he have severe neck pain but other pains and injuries as well.

If this particular person “just gave up” and said “Ok, that’s it, I’m disabled or I can’t do this or that myself... then he mine as well “give up”.  This particular person didn’t however, and went on to win at the Olympics and become a multimillionaire and more.

It really came down to his mind and his attitude.  So if you ever think -  I can’t – my neck pain is unrelenting or my headaches...or whatever; think of this guy.  He was able to overcome his pains and go on to live a great life.

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