Mobility is Key!

You'll notice my title: "Mobility is Key". What I'm trying to say is that motion of your spine is essential. You may have also heard "motion is life".

This is because our spine is designed to move. It is when it doesn't move when we run into problems. You see, lack of motion or restrictions in the spine means pressure on nerves; this equates to pain...So when inflammation builds we get problems. When things move like they should, nutrients get into cells and when things are immobile they don't. Also, inflammation builds, which bis unable to dissipate without motion. This is what really puts pressure on nerves.

We often may think "bone on nerve" because it's so easy to understand; but that's not really what happens. Inflammation builds and puts pressure on nerves.

As a Chiropractor, not only can I restore motion or mobility to an area but I can put things in the right spot too. Over time, if we can not only get motion back but align things as good as possible, painful occurrences are less!

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