Will you get neck soreness at first, from a neck pillow?

Arc4life's Natural Alignment Neck Pillow
For some, neck soreness will happen. This happens especially if you have never used a neck pillow. It's going to be a change, so you have to get used to it. Now, also if you have a major misalignment in the neck, the neck pillow may be tougher to get used to. Let's say you have a cervical kyphosis, that a reversal of the normal c-curve.

Also, things depend on the actual pillow. Let's say you have a really hard or firm pillow, this might be too much for a first time neck pillow user. That being said your memory foam pillows tend to be firm so you may want to start out with something softer. On the other end of the spectrum is the feather or down pillow, these are usually too soft, giving not enough support.

That's why I typically recommend a fiber pillow. This is usually not to hard or soft and still gives the support.

The Picture above is an example of a fiber pillow I recommend: the Arc4life Natural Alignment Pillow.

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