A look at Neck Range of Motion...

Our necks are built to flex,extend, rotate, and tilt to the side. Or, of course any combination of these. Here's the normal ROM (range of motion) in degrees:
  • Flexion 60 degrees
  • Extension 40 degrees
  • Rotation (turning) 90 degrees
  • Lateral bending (tilt) 45 degrees
If any of these are decreased we may have an issue. If it's not the same form side to side that can tip us off. The spine can be restricted or misaligned cause muscle imbalances and therefore a loss of that range. One may also have neck pain, upper back pain, or even shoulder pain.

Using the right neck pillow can help put your neck in alignment, balance the musculature, and ease pressure off the nerves.

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Picture Source: Range of Motion in the Neck

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