A Common exercise for Forward Head Posture.

Head Retraction Exercises are Easy To Do
And Help with Forward Head Posture
The most common exercise for forward head carriage or a posture showing us an anterior head and neck is head retractions. A great thing about this exercise is that you can do it almost anywhere at any time.

First off, how do we do it?

You are going to slide your head backwards as if on a track. Gently glide it back to the normal position. You can use your finger to guide your heard.

Do Not:
Tilt you head up, bring the head and chin down, or move the whole body.

What To Do:
Slide the whole head back, hold for 5 seconds, and relax. Repeat for 10 repetitions, gradually increasing this each day.

You can do it in front of the mirror, which may help.

As you can imagine, you can do this standing, seated, or laying down.
Eventually you can even add some resistance. We'll go over that next time.

Additional Reading:

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