What are Products that Compliment my Traction Neck Pillow?

The arc4life cervical linear traction neck pillow is great for helping with neck pain. The neck roll helps to improve the neck curve but doing neck traction will help even more. Therefore, some kind of true neck traction will compliment. I would recommend a neck stretcher called the posture pump 1000. This works to get that curve back but will help you do it sooner.I like this particular neck stretcher because it is comfortable, it helps to get the c curve back into the neck and its user friendly for home use.

Another good compliment is a hot and cold pack. I would use heat before traction or when you get up in the morning. This helps to loosen things before traction. Periodically post traction you may have some soreness because of increased inflammation; ice works best at this point.

A third complimentary treatment is biofreeze gel. This pain relief gel will also help to warm and relax a sore area of muscle. You can use this before, after, or during tractioning.

Lastly, Formula 303 acts as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. The great thing is that it is all natural...

You may also be recommended exercises or stretches that can help as well. You don't need a product to do these, although, eventually you can use resistance bands for added resistance.

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