What Size Pillow Should I Get?

Getting the Right Size Pillow is Key for
Your Neck for Proper Alignment
This is probably one of the most common questions if not the most common questions we will get. Pillow sizes are very important because it should be based on your size of the body and not on the size of the bed.

If the pillows are too big it can be a problem. What happens is instead of working the neck into alignment and putting a curvature back into the neck, it ends up pushing your head forward or tilting your head up towards the ceiling if you're on your side. You don't want to sleep in one of these awkward positions multiple times or for extended hours because your spine starts to change or conform to these positions.

If we're looking at spine from the front or back it should be straight up-and-down. If were looking at the spine from the side we should have nice smooth flowing curves.  In other words, you should have a nice "C" curve in the neck, that's with the neckroll is for. So when on your back that helps maintain and improve that cervical curve.

If the pillow is too small the same thing effect happens; your head basically has no support so you lose curve. On your side, same thing, instead of your head tilting towards the ceiling it just tilts more towards the bed, giving that the neck a lateral head tilt misalignment once again.

As you can see you really need a pillow that fit your body and your head and your neck appropriately. Doing this will ensure a properly aligned spine. Remember, that properly aligned spine means nerves are free from pressure and therefore pain is relieved.

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