I'm not sure which type of Pillow I need. I have been told I walk like an Old Person...

"Hi, I'm not sure which type of pillow I need. I would like to improve my posture and lessen my neck hump. I am not in pain, but have had several people comment on my posture and tell me to "straighten up" that I walk like an "old person." I am 72 and 5'7". Did have a c6-c7 disc fusion about 12 years ago. Spend a lot of time on computer too. Thanks" - Richard

Dear Richard,

This Posture Corrector Brace Adjusts
from the Front and in the Shoulder Area
Thank you for your email. I would recommend the arc4life traction pillow in the medium size. This pillow will gently stretch your neck for comfort while sleeping on your side or on your back.

Also, I would recommend some kind of a posture corrector brace for you. This will help you walk and sit straighter. Spending long amounts of time in front of the computer can cause a slumped forward type of posture. This posture corrector brace will also help bring your shoulders back. It can be adjusted in the front and at the shoulder level, making it more comfortable. The key is to get the right size. If you are in between sizes, get the larger size. It comes in small, medium, medium/large, large and x-large. Also this brace is thin enough to wear under your clothing. Please email us if you have any further questions.

- Arc4life

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