"I Fell Asleep On The Plane..."

"I recently had a trip for a few hours on the plane.  I fell asleep basically sitting upright.  Later on I had excruciating neck pain and I was unable to turn to the side.  I didn't use a travel pillow and I believe my head was bouncing around.  Sitting upright, my head was flexed forward and probably being bounced around from side to side." - Marty 

Dear Marty,

This happens more than you think!  Not to mention it can happen while your sitting in the back of the car, on a bus, or even at home sitting in a chair.  Your may even be watching tv in bed, it's very much the same...

Your head is in an awkward position for an extended period of time.  Because of this you get a neck strain, which not only hurts, but may restrict motion.  In the future I would recommend a travel pillow when traveling, and try to avoid awkward neck positions as much as possible.

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