Is a flat or fluffy pillow better for someone who has neck and shoulder pain?

A Flat pillow is not good, and too fluffy is not good either. You want to get a pillow that is going to give you proper support in your cervical spine when you sleep.The best suggestion would be to get a pillow that has a roll on it- that way you can support the head neck properly.Arc4life carries 13 distinct neck pillows- check out our website to see which pillow will work best for you Yes, these types of cervical pillows can take a while to get used to, but they are very effective. I am not a big fan of the temper pedic type pillows because they do not give you the proper support in your neck, plus they are temperature sensitive. I have used the cervical traction neck pillow from www.arc4life.com- its a good pillow- read their testimonials to see how people with different neck conditions have been helped.

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