BackPacks: A pain in the neck

Students are carrying around of alot of stuff with them these days- carrying around 40% of their body weight with them: lap tops, heavy text books, media stuff
All over the US and Canada, kids are heading back to college. The arrival of September equals back to school, and backpacks can be a pain in the neck for many students. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, a Boston study showed that 85% of students reported discomfort and pain with using their backpacks.

Karen Jacobs, a former president of the association and a board certified professional ergonomist, stated that the most common complaints amongst students was shoulder discomfort, neck pain, lower back pain and upper back pain. "Carry water bottles empty and fill them before class. Carry only what you need and leave the rest in your room," Jacobs said. She recommends a loaded backpack weigh no more than 10 percent to 15 percent of a student's body weight.

Arc4life is proud to offer special AirPacks BackPacks, available in small, medium and large sizes.AirPack Back Packs come in small, medium and large sizes. Air packs have a special air filled lumbar cushion which fits into the small of your back. This transfers the load from your shoulders to your lower back.
These ergonomically designed backpacks have a special patented, ergonomic air transfer system, making it easier to carry around your stuff. This support system is created by a hidden adjustable air chamber placed in the lower back which transfers weight from your shoulders to the hips. The wide, foam-cushioned straps have buckles at the top and bottom to provide a two point adjustment. These back packs self-adjust side to side to provide bettr fit across the shoulders. Side cinches pull the load closer to your center of gravity increasing balance and stability. Visit Arc4life for more information on the AirPacks Backpacks.

It is important for kids- whether junior, highschool or college bound to have a sturdy ergomically designed back pack so that they can concentrate all their efforts on their books, not carrying them around.

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