What position do you sleep in to make your neck hurt in the morning?

There are many sleep positions that can increase your neck pain. Today I want to discuss which neck positions are not conducive for restful sleep. Suggestions will also be given that will reduce the chances of a stiff neck in the A.M Don't put too many pillows under your head and neck. This will put your head and neck into an awkward position and cause spasms to the neck muscles, which equals pain. Also avoid sleeping on your stomach; not good for the neck. You may want to try sleeping on your back- with some pillows under your knees; this is an optimal way to sleep because it take the pressure off of your lower back. The most important thing is to have a good cervical neck pillow that will put your neck into a comfortable ergonomic position. For example the linear gravity neck pillowThe great thing about this neck pillow is that it comes in 3 sizes and it has a square in the middle. There are two different neck rolls so you can choose which side will be comfortable for you. Finally, if you do wake up with neck pain, consider doing some gentle cervical neck stretches with a hot shower (not to the point of pain, just to the point of a stretch). This will help get rid of your neck pain.

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