Home Neck Traction: The secret to ending your neck pain fast and effectively

There are so many treatments for neck pain: medication, chiropractic, physical therapy, and traction. When people think of traction, they think of an awkward over the door contraption that looks very painful. Well, not so at all- because today we are going to go over how to do comfortable neck traction at home. There are many traction units available online today- At our office we utilize the Pronex Pneumatic Cervical traction unit and have had the best results for neck pain relief. Here are the simple steps

  1. Your Pronex Traction unit will come with a: Carrying Bag, Pronex Pneumatic Traction Device, A head strap and a gray wedge for adding flexion during traction***Take out the pronex from its bag. Remove the headstrap from the traction device. Make sure you have removed your earings and necklaces before starting. If you have long hair pull it back.
  2. Lie on a flat surface, a carpeted area is nice. If you want more cushion, put a yoga matt under you. Bring your knees up with feet flat on the floor. This is the ideal position for neck traction because it keeps pressure off of your lower back.
  3. Notice the position of Mary's head and neck- Pull the sides of the pronex traction unit out gently so that your neck and head are in a comfortable position. Apply the forehead strap to your forehead- tightening it comfortable on the other side with the velcro strapPut one hand behind your neck and roll back onto the pronex. Pull the sides of the pronex out gently so that your neck and head are in a comfortable position.
  4. Apply the forehead strap to your forehead- tightening comfortable on the other side with the velcro strap
  5. The pronex traction device uses a simple pneumatic bulb to inflate the bellows. Turn the valve clockwise to increase traction (this closes the airway) and turn counter clockwise to decrease traction (this releases the airway). Make sure you close the chrome valve on the bulb before starting traction- so turn the valve clockwise.
  6. Before beginning traction by closing the airway by turning the valve clockwise-
  7. Begin inflating the unit until you feel a gentle stretch in your cervical spine. This cervical stretch will relax the cervical paraspinals muscles and suboccipitals
  8. Close your eyes while doing traction so that you can be completely relaxed
  9. The pronex traction unit allows for relaxation of the cervical paraspinals muscles and suboccipitals
    After relaxing, Continue inflating the pronex so that you can increase the traction. Stay in this position until you feel relaxed. *Relaxation during traction is very important for a successful treatment.
  10. Continue with traction for about 10 minutes
  11. After finished turn the chrome valve counter clockwise to release the airway. Remove the velcro headstrap slowly.
  12. Using one hand to support the head and neck, roll out of the unit on one side, gently sit up slowly
  13. ***Use the gray wedge if neccessary to put some flexion into your neck while doing traction. This is for angle therapy- place the gray wedge under the head peice only.

      Indications for neck traction:
      • Head, Neck and shoulder Pain
      • Herniated disc and bulging disc in the neck
      • degeneration of the cervical discs in the neck
      • Post cervical fusion surgery
      • Migraine headaches

    So as you can see, neck traction at home can be simple, pain free not time consuming, and most importantly giving you pain relief! Simply spending 10-15 minutes a day, can ease the pain in your neck. As with all medical products consult with your Dr about your specific traction protocol.

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