Deep Sleep is an Important part of Healing of the Body

For those people who suffer from neck pain, getting into a comfortable position can be difficult. In the last blog post, we discussed ways to get a restful sleep when you are suffering from neck pain. For some people, lying down, actually increases the pain.

Why is getting good deep sleep at night so important?

A Harvard based report states 75% of us get less than 6 sleep hours at least a few nights per week, which over the short haul, is not a problem, but NOT so in the long haul! They go on to list “Six reasons not to scrimp on sleep:”
  1. Learning and memory – “memory consolidation” occurs better after we sleep when learning new tasks (and tests scores reflect the difference);
  2. Weight and metabolism – chronic sleep problems can cause weight gain by altering the way our body processes and stores carbohydrates and by altering the hormones that affect appetite;
  3. Safety – increased fatigue = a greater tendency to fall asleep during the day, which can be catastrophic (car accidents, industrial accidents, etc.);
  4. Mood – the lack of sleep can increase irritability, impatience, concentration loss and moodiness;
  5. Cardiovascular health – serious sleep loss has been linked to hypertension, increased stress hormone levels, and irregular heartbeat; Heart health is a very important part of sound deep sleep.
  6. Disease – alters immune function and may help fight cancer.

Source: Importance of Sleep : Six reasons not to scrimp on sleep
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