The Many Benefits of the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow

The Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow Also Comes in Large
at the Neck Pain Relief Shop: www.neckpainreliefkit.com
Arc4life’s cervical linear traction neck pillow has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years- it is a pillow that has many benefits and has helped people with many neck pain conditions and symptoms.

To start, the traction pillow is two pillows in one. First, you have the “V” pillow side. This side has a neck roll for support and correcting the neck lordosis plus it has the “V” side for gentle traction.

Some people feel uncomfortable with the pull of a neck traction machine or a home traction unit. In those cases, the cervical traction pillow is perfect because it’s a very gentle stretch, so much so that you barely notice it. It’s made this way so it’s very comfortable, which is another positive. Also, it helps you get a good night’s sleep. Putting the neck in alignment and restoring the cervical curve is vital to the body’s function. Neck alignment is a must because it keeps the cervical nerves free from pressure, which will prevent not only neck pain, but keep other conditions away too.

The pillow is also hypoallergenic, which is important for allergy sufferers, not to mention, keeping and restoring the neck curve and allowing nerves to function best will keep the sinuses open and working well. Arc4life also carries a special dust cover made especially for the traction pillow that will protect the pillow from dust, mites, mold and other allergens.

The other side, if you rotate the pillow 180 degrees so the “V” section is above your head, this is the support pillow side. This side only has the neck roll, and some people, even people looking to use the traction, may want to start with this side if they are not used to using any type of neck pillow.

The arc4life cervical linear traction neck pillow also comes in a large king size pillow- this pillow is available on Arc4life's Sister Site: The Neck Pain Relief Shop > Neck Pillows > Traction Pillows. This is a special order item and can take a few days longer to ship. The dimensions of the large traction pillow are 21"x33".

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