I Think the Colder Weather Caused my Neck to Hurt??

There is no question the "cold weather" can be tougher on the body. Maybe that’s why so many people move to Florida. Just kidding, there are many reasons people move to Florida or somewhere similar.

The bottom line here is that any deterioration or arthritis may act up with a change in weather. The cold weather also tends to mean we tighten up more; tighter muscles, rolled-shoulder posture... Think about when you’re cold, you kind of curl-up, that head, neck and shoulders roll forward and most likely you end up starting to wear a jacket or heavier clothes that your body has to get used to again.

What usually happens is the combination of the cold and your body not being ready; you turn quick and your neck isn’t warmed up, for example. Sometimes, you do something to strain the neck, but don’t realize it until the next morning. This makes it sometimes difficult to figure out how it got started. Use some neck exercises and stretches to keep your neck muscles relaxed. Sometimes a hot shower may help warm up the muscles as well. Also, nothing works better to strengthen the spine and ward of degeneration than keeping the neck in it strongest healthiest position - Its ideal alignment!

Cold Weather Is Tougher on the Body

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